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‘It had been so long since I felt “good” after a meal’ – Amy
‘I am telling you this one hundred per cent true story about my ongoing experience with The Low GI Diet. It actually seems a little ridiculous to even call it a “diet”. It is so easy to follow, and makes so much sense. I laugh every time I think of the time and money I wasted on Weight Watchers … oops … sorry if I offended any WW people. Anyway, I am a nurse, and very serious about researching everything before I try it. Well, I was surprised at the research I did about this low GI thing. It made perfect sense. I have battled, I mean REALLY battled with digestive problems for about six years. I have had fertility problems, acid reflux, terrible bloating and weight gain throughout the past six long years. I have been eating only low GI foods, and very occasionally I will eat a moderate GI food for about 2 weeks now. I was able to stop taking my Prilosec (which I was totally dependent on) after two days. I stopped taking all my other digestive medications after 3 days. My bloating ended after day one. I am completely satisfied after a low GI meal. Not bloated, not tired, not miserable … just satisfied. It took me a few days to realize what that actually felt like. It had been so long since I felt “good” after a meal! I have lost 6 pounds in two weeks. Yep. SIX pounds! I feel GREAT! I have so much more energy than I did before. I look great, and my husband has started on the plan too. I’ll have to get him to write his story soon too!’


‘I no longer drool when I see all those pizza food commercials on TV’ – Dolores
‘Four months ago I was diagnosed by my doctor as pre-diabetic, having a high sugar count, and asked to lose ten pounds and have my blood retested in three months. I discovered your diet after researching online, and have lost 28 pounds in the last four months! My blood test revealed my sugar count down 30 points, and I am no longer pre-diabetic! I am not hungry with this diet, never snack between meals, eat more fruit and veggies, and I’m convinced my stomach has shrunk!! I can’t even finish a “large” meal, I drink more water, and no longer drool when I see all those food commercials on TV, especially the pizza, I just see all that fat. I am nowhere near my weight loss goal, but seem to have no problem sticking to this diet. Unfortunately I am unable to exercise, I’m 76 years old, can’t walk too far, or stand too long. If I could, I know I would have lost much more weight.’


‘How can I listen to a “specialist’ who believes the glycemic index is a fad?’ – Barbara
‘I am a diabetic 2 – and was recently in hospital for removal of a stomach lining tumor. A consultation with the hospital nutritionist was part of the schedule but shortly I sent her packing. How can I listen to a “specialist’ who believes a carb is a carb and the glycemic index is a fad? How could she argue with success – both my husband and I have lost 20 pounds, are close to our target weights, and are looking forward reaching our goals, following a low GI diet! Hurray for this site! Keep up the good work and research!’

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