GI News—October 2007

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This month in ‘Food for Thought’, Prof Mike Archer serves up lean, green and good for your heart fare for farming Australia in a healthier way for people and planet alike: one that won’t suck up scarce water resources for unsustainable monoculture or blow any productivity left in the soil out to sea. Jill Dupleix shares her true life tips to lighten up, lose weight and keep it off in What’s New? We also look at why giving young children ‘diet’ foods could make them fat and that hardy perennial … combining carbs and protein. There are three new low GI recipes, our pick of the crop (Asian greens), new GI values for broad beans and muesli, plus Uncle Toby’s joins the GI Symbol Program, and of course our answers to your questions.

Good eating, good health and good reading,


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