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‘Tomorrow I am running a half marathon and the glycemic index helped get me there!’ – Tricia
‘I was so sad when I read the August newsletter and read how unreceptive the diabetic association was to the glycemic index. I am a firm believer in the GI because it has changed my life. I am a runner and I found that as I was training and trying “fad” diets at the same time, I was getting migraines about once a week. I was really tired all the time and often had a nap in the middle of the day. Then one day I found the GI. I started putting it into practice right away. One of the things I love about the GI is it is so simple. I followed the recommendations for athletes, and ate low glycemic before a workout and higher after. It has not only gotten rid of my headaches, but it has also increased my endurance in running. I feel healthier and I have so much energy. I tell everyone I know about the GI, because it just makes sense to me. It has become a healthy lifestyle for me and my family. Tomorrow I am running a half marathon and the glycemic index helped get me there! Keep up the good work!’


‘It feels so good to go about my work and not constantly be wishing I had chocolate or a Dr Pepper.’ – Shirley
‘I never had a problem in my life with weight until I went through menopause. All my life I weighed around 120–123 pounds. Even after each of my three boys, I returned to my normal weight because my doctor always told me you can gain this amount to get back to your pre-pregnancy weight quickly. I never gained more that I was allowed. I am 5’ 5”. I always weighed myself daily and if I had gained a bit, I left something off that day to get back to my usual weight. Later in my 40s I started walking six days a week. Cutting back just a bit on food and walking would take anything I gained off immediately. Then I entered that menopause stage and gradually started putting the weight on. It seemed nothing I did would help. I constantly craved sweets (chocolate) and started drinking an occasional soft drink which I had never done before. Before I knew it my weight was up to 165. I was devastated. I was tired, felt frumpy and was just generally in bad sorts most of the time.

Then came the low fat diet, the low carb diet, weigh only once a week, etc., and I tried them all which just seemed to compound things. I have fought with my weight for 12 to 15 years now, so frustrated because as hard as I tried nothing seemed to work even the three miles a day I’ve continued to walk. I was just about to the point that I had accepted I would never be back to my normal weight again. About one month ago I really started to pay attention to all the information I was getting in the mail and seeing on the Internet about eating low GI. Maybe … just maybe. I had no idea what it meant or how to do it but I started researching on the Internet and found that what I was reading made a lot of sense. I found the website and started researching the GI and found that there were actually a lot of foods that I really liked and thought I could eat on a regular basis so I started putting my diet together from reasonably sized portions of just things that I liked that had a low GI. Later I borrowed some books from the library and know that I still have much to learn.


I have eaten fish three or four times a week, chicken, broccoli, beans of all kinds, cabbage, asparagus, raw spinach salads, green beans. I’ve eaten apples, oranges, peaches, grapes, strawberries and cherries. I eat some peanuts but mostly whole raw almonds. I’ve eaten only 100% whole wheat bread and pumpernickel. For breakfast I’ve had oatmeal (my one failing I still have to have just a bit of sugar in my oatmeal) with whole wheat toast, whole wheat toast with jelly sweetened with juice rather than sugar, granola, an occasional boiled egg and I always eat some kind of fruit with whatever I have for any meal. I snack on plain puffed wheat or oats, eat grapes, strawberries, dried plums or cherries, a piece of whole wheat bread or a cup of low-fat yoghurt. I do not let myself get really hungry but I have started to be able to feel when I’m hungry and I had not had that feeling in years. I probably eat five or six times a day. I have now had no soft drinks in a month, my candy has been once or twice a week a treat of five dark chocolate peanut M&Ms just so I don’t feel totally deprived. Normally I would have gone through a bag of M&Ms in a day or two once it was open. My cravings for these things seem to be completely gone. I have always drank lots of water all my life which I continue now, often I drink it with a little vinegar or some slices of lemon squeezed into it, and black coffee at breakfast .

I have now lost 10 pounds in the last month. I started the GI at 158 pounds and weighed 148 when I got on the scales this morning and can tell a definite difference in the way my jeans and shorts fit in the waist. I am so excited. I am eating so many simple things that I like to eat and am now ready to start branching out and finding some of the recipes like what I’ve found on this site and others. I do believe that I can eat this way indefinitely. It feels so good to go about my work and not constantly be wishing I had chocolate or a Dr Pepper, and I am so excited that I again have hope that I can get back down to my 120–123 pounds.’

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