Your Success Stories

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‘Success breeds success! I love the mental freedom of not having cravings as the best thing of all.’ – Diane
‘I had never been on a diet or lost a kilo in my life. So, having reached the age of 53, weighing 102 kg and being pre-diabetic, I decided to adopt the low GI diet. I read many success stories, but never did I think I would be as successful as these people. I couldn’t imagine myself as losing weight and being lighter, I couldn’t really remember weighing less.


Well, only 12 weeks later, I weigh less than 90 kilos! I stare at the scales every morning in amazement. It has become an incentive to continue, as success breeds success. People have noticed, and are very kind with their comments, but strangely enough, I don’t notice much change, except in photographs. I never imagined I would be able to cut down my chocolate habit to next to nothing, but it has been so easy. I’d say to people, jump in, the first few days might be hard, but just go and have some lovely steak, prawns or fish and try and then try and tell yourself this diet is awful!

I upped the intensity of my exercise as well, and it is difficult fitting it all in, but hey, going out for a walk instead of watching telly or sitting at the computer ain’t so bad, is it. I also like to think that I’ll escape some of the complications of diabetes that my family suffered.’

‘I lost 15 lb over 6 months and continue to maintain this weight loss.’ – Jini
‘I wanted to safely lose the weight I had gained following 5 years of adjuvant therapy (tamoxifen) for breast cancer. I had read about the glycemic index (I am a research scientist) and decided that I would try the low GI diet. I cut out all refined and processed food from my diet and started to replace high GI foods with low GI substitutes. It is not very easy but I compiled lists of foods with a lot of help from your website. I followed the low GI diet combined with working out at the gym 3 times a week. I lost 15 lb over a period of 6 months to return to my original weight and BMI of 21.5 and continue to maintain this weight loss.

As I and my family enjoy desserts I now create/develop low GI versions of cookies/muffins using whole wheat flour, ground almonds, fruit and small amounts of honey/maple syrup. I have also successfully encouraged several family members (some who are diabetic) to switch or to be more aware of the GI of the foods they eat.’

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