Your Success Stories

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‘I have just started my sister on eating low GI food, hopefully she’ll have as much success as myself.’ – Vicki
‘I am a 50 year old female who had VERY unhealthy eating habits. I had spinal fusion in my neck in 2003, as a result my thyroid went haywire! Then in 2005 I had to quit my fast-paced job of 17 years because of four more herniated disks in my back. I weighed 130 lb. in 2003, as of July 2007 I weighed in at 192 lb. I had awful heartburn day and night, food cravings 24 hours a day, no energy, and just felt awful and bloated the whole time. I came across a story on GI and weight loss in a copy of Reader’s Digest at my doctor’s, and I went straight to the bookstore.


In the first six months I lost 49 lb, have energy to exercise AT LEAST every other day, the cravings are gone, the bloating and heartburn are gone, my back is not in constant pain because of the weight loss, and my thyroid has stabilized. I still take synthroid, but the dose does not increase every four months. My skin and hair are much healthier too. Best of all I am now able to take full time care of my 87 year old aunt with Alzheimer’s, who can no longer live alone! The six months of eating low GI foods has made me feel 30 again. I do not even call it a diet, it’s eating good, healthy food for my body. Going to restaurants is not difficult either if you know what foods to eat, and what to stay away from.’

‘I am over 73 years old and have not felt this good in years.’ – Robert
‘On my last visit to the VA in July, 2007, they informed me that I was pre-diabetic and issued me a glucose meter to monitor my blood sugar. My wife had heard about The New Glucose Revolution and purchased the book for me. The attached detailed chart is a progress report that shows when I implemented the low GI eating habits. I use the glucose meter every other morning. Most interesting, to me, is how small the glucose levers became when I added a 5 day exercise program. Note the notes on the chart, i.e. trouser size and weight. The detailed record was requested by my VA health care provider.

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‘Thanks to all those researchers for discovering the information about the GI for us.’ –Sue
‘After spending most of my life overweight and trying every weight loss program there is, I finally found low GI. What a revelation. The program of eating was simple, I enjoyed finding out the GI values of foods and couldn’t believe how easy it has been to lose 19 kg, feel terrific, not hungry at all and have far more energy than before.’

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