GI News—February 2011

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  • Stocking a low GI emergency pantry
  • 10,000 steps reduces diabetes risk
  • BGL benefits of cinnamon and vinegar
  • Green tea and satiety
  • Do you need 8 glasses of water a day?

As I sat down to write this mid-January on a sunny Thursday morning in Sydney, the mopping up after the disastrous and tragic floods was underway in Queensland and around 9000 people had just been told to flee, as flooding threatens half a dozen towns in northern Victoria. Stay put they say and you could be isolated and left without any power for a week or more. It’s a reminder to us all that emergencies can happen anytime or place and whether it’s a natural disaster or a neighbourhood emergency, the things we take for granted (food, electricity, gas, water) could be disrupted in a flash. In Food for Thought, we suggest our top 10 tips for stocking a low GI ‘emergency pantry’ so you have energy to burn to take care of yourself, your BGLs and your family and in GI Symbol News, Dr Alan Barclay suggests 10 top snacks to keep you going in an emergency.

If you would like to help the disaster relief in Queensland, you can donate online to the Premier’s Flood Relief Appeal HERE

Good eating, good health and good reading.

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