GI News—March 2012

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  • Why refined starch is the hidden ingredient and why it matters for your health;
  • What’s wrong with today’s diet – with Prof Jennie Brand-Miller;
  • Why you don’t need to be afraid of fructose;
  • Do cravings tell us what our body needs? Nicole Senior investigates;
  • Emma Stirling and the scoop on low AGE diets;
  • Three low GI recipes from the GI News Kitchen to try.

Recently, an opinion piece in Nature called on governments to regulate sugar in a fashion akin to alcohol. Presented as a possible solution to the obesity epidemic, the jist of the arguments were that worldwide sugar consumption has increased, sugar is toxic and addictive and, therefore, regulating sugar like alcohol or tobacco (including taxation and limiting access to individuals below the age of 17), would reduce obesity and prevent the metabolic syndrome. In a thoughtful commentary on the piece, Dr Arya Sharma (professor of medicine and chairman in obesity research and management at the University of Alberta) highlights the complexity of the obesity issue and points out the relevant microeconomic supply-demand issues and practicalities (and potential absurdities) of enforcement. Check it out in Food for Thought.

Good eating, good health and good reading.

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