GI News – April 2020

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GI News

Since the inception of GI News in 2005, Philippa Sandall has been our Editor, sourcing stories from around the globe, and engaging you the reader in a fun and informative way. Sadly, after 15 years under her stewardship, Philippa has decided to retire. The March 2020 issue was her last. She never ceased to find something interesting to send us for possible inclusion in GI news – as many as one story a day on average. She also forged some close collaborations and friendships with her sources, which in turn, became our friendships too. Philippa also gave us hope, humour and her moral support when things went south. We will miss her dearly, but we wish her well. Scientific/Managing Editor Alan Barclay has taken on the role of Editor from this edition onwards. Helping to fill Philippa’s big shoes, we have bought Accredited Practicing Dietitians Kaye Foster-Powell, Kate Marsh and Nicole Senior on to the team on a permanent basis.

GI News is published online every month by the University of Sydney, School of Life and Environmental Sciences and the Charles Perkins Centre, and delivered to the mailboxes of our 97,000 subscribers. Our goal is to help people choose the high-quality carbs that are digested at a rate that our bodies can comfortably accommodate and to share the latest scientific findings on food and diet with a particular focus on carbohydrates, dietary fibres, blood glucose and the glycemic index.

Professor Jennie Brand-Miller, AM, PhD, FAIFST, FNSA, PhD
Editor: Alan Barclay, PhD, APD
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Sydney University Glycemic Index Research Service
Manager: Roslyn Muirhead, PhD, APD, AN

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