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Low GI Eating Made Easy
Want to eat a healthy, low GI diet but don’t know how to select the right foods? This handy guide takes the hard work out of shopping, listing the GI for more than 100 foods and highlighting low GI alternatives, so you can make the right choices.

Three million people worldwide have already discovered The New Glucose Revolution’s tremendous health benefits, which include losing weight, gaining better blood glucose control, helping with diabetes, increasing energy levels and improving heart health. This guide is the key to those healthy benefits, helping you to navigate the supermarket aisles with ease and making low GI foods work for you—every day, every meal.

Low GI Eating Made Easy will be published in:
Australia: July 2005 (Hachette Livre Australia)
New Zealand: August 2005 (Hachette Livre New Zealand)
UK: December 2005 (Hodder Mobius)
USA: January 2006 (Marlowe & Company)