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Weight Watchers Healthy Parent Healthy Child: simple rules for a healthy-weight home
By Karen Miller-Kovach


The sub title says it all. Using insights gained from an ongoing family pilot program being conducted by WeightWatchers in the US, this book gives parents some practical tips to help them navigate today’s fast food, time poor culture and create a healthy-weight home. It’s based on five basic rules and the five special roles that parents need to play to help give their kids a healthy lifestyle. It’s not about nutrition and there are only a few recipes. It’s really about behaviour (eating and activity) and how you can make some little changes about the house that can make a big difference. There are lots of personal stories from the actual families and Weight Watcher ‘coaches’ who participated in the pilot program making it more than just theory. No single book is going to solve the obesity crisis, but you may find this one may a handy guide if you are looking for practical pointers to help you make some changes to your family’s diet and lifestyle. So what are the five simple rules?

  1. Focus on wholesome nutritious foods
  2. Include treats
  3. Aim to keep homework computer or television time at two hours (or less) a day
  4. Try and be active an hour a day or more
  5. The Rules apply to everyone in the home.

And the five roles that parents play:
Role model ▪ Provider ▪ Enforcer ▪ Protector ▪ Advocate

Australia: Allen & Unwin RRP $29.95