GI News—October 2006

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In This Issue:

  • Food for Thought
    —Something to chew on
  • GI News Briefs
    —What women athletes need
    —More low fat dairy food, less type 2 diabetes
    —High blood glucose increases coronary artery disease risk
    —Giving children a healthy life
    —Why a low GI diet can help women with PCOS
  • Low GI Food of the Month
    —Green peas
  • Low GI Recipe of the Month
    —Gluten-free Apricot Nut Slice
  • Success Stories
    —‘It is nothing short of a miracle’ – Rose
  • What’s New?
    Healthy Parent, Healthy Child
  • Feedback—Your FAQs Answered
    1. I have gestational diabetes. What should I choose from the menu at my local Asian restaurant to stick to my daily food guide for carb serves?
    2. I love to bake, but want to reduce the GI of the products? Can you answer some questions about this?
    3. I have recently been diagnosed with irritable bowel disease and am interested to know if following a low GI diet would be recommended to help control my symptoms.
    4. Look it up in our A–Z: The GI Glossary completed

The publishers of the New Glucose Revolution series, Hachette Livre Australia, Hodder Mobius UK and Marlowe & Company New York, have agreed to give away a copy of The Low GI Diet Cookbook to every 1000th subscriber from now on. To subscribe, just click on ‘SUBSCRIBE’ at the top of the right-hand column.


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