GI News—June 2007

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‘Chestnuts roasting on an open fire …’ Did you know that they were part of the staple diet of Southern Europe, Turkey and Asia for centuries. In fact until potatoes arrived on the scene, they were a major source of carbohydrate. And now we know that they are low GI. Check out Food of the Month and GI Values Update. This issue we also look at how low a GI diet should go, whether you’ll burn up more fat if you exercise before breakfast and how a low GI diet benefits your genes. There’s more on low carb-high protein diets, too – what’s the long-term risk to your health? The jury may still be out, but Prof. Walter, Willett from Harvard reminds us that it’s the type of carbohydrate and the type of fat rather than the relative amounts that make a difference. Enjoy June GI News and don’t forget to try our real food recipes this month: Chilli Chestnut Fettuccine, Chicken and Sweet Corn Soup and Instant Berry Fool.


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