GI News—March 2008

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In this issue of GI News

  • Obesity – is it in your genes?
  • What’s great about omega-3s?
  • ‘Happy meals for whom?’ asks Dr David Ludwig
  • Coffee and diabetes

Couple up those dieting and climate change bandwagons with the Global Warming Diet, says Prof Trim explaining how increasing personal energy expenditure can decrease body fat and carbon emissions. In Busting Food Myths, Nicole Senior faces facts and shows why beauty is more than skin deep, and Catherine Saxelby explains why we need to shake the salt habit in Feedback. Also this month our chef Kate Hemphill tempts the tastebuds with Avocado, sesame and sumac quinoa in baby gem leaves and Udon noodle stir-fry with curry and coconut. Our food of the month is canned salmon. Why? Well it’s low in saturated fat, rich in zinc and a great source of those essential omega-3s. It’s also a handy ingredient to keep on standby to whip up low GI meals like Jennene Plummer’s, Fusilli with salmon and baby spinach.

Good eating, good health and good reading.


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