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Healthy snacks for active kids
Let’s face it, finding healthy nutritious pre-prepared snacks that kids also love to eat, can sometimes be a chore. The typical range of calorie-laden, high saturated fat, high GI pre-prepared snacks that have been traditionally marketed to kids generally fail to meet the nutritional targets espoused by most dietitians and nutritionists. But rapid increases in rates of childhood obesity around the globe, and increased community awareness, have spurred many of the more responsible food manufacturers to develop new ranges of delicious healthier snacks for the school lunch box, canteen or after school snack. An increasing number of healthier options for kids now carry the GI Symbol which means the food is a healthy choice for its food group. Here are some examples available in Australia:

Sunripe School Straps and Go Fruits (GI 40)
Uncle Tobys Crunchy (GI 51) and Chewy (GI 48) muesli bars
Maggi 2 Minute Noodles (GI 52)
Nestle All Natural 99% Fat Free (GI 14 -49) and Nestle Diet (GI 10-21) Yoghurts
Brownes Diet Yoghurts (GI 24-40)

In addition to these, Nestle Australia has just brought out two new healthy low GI dairy snacks designed especially for kids:

Nestle Milo Mousse Energy Dairy Snack (GI 46)
Nestle Milo Energy Dairy Snack (GI 28)

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