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‘For anyone starting their journey into low GI eating, embrace it, the health benefits are enormous.’ – Robin
I discovered a low GI way of life in March 2006 when my weight was 125 kg (275 lbs). By August of that year my weight had dropped to 94 kg (207 lbs) and I was well on my way to a healthier life. I now weigh 85 kg (187 lbs) which is approximately 5 kg (11 lbs) over my ideal but I’ve kept it stable for all this time. I now work out at a gym for between 1 and 2 hours a day and have completed two marathons on the indoor rowing machine taking 3 hours 20 minutes to complete.

I’m about to challenge low GI eating again as it appears that I am a coeliac (diagnosis to be confirmed) which will cut out many of the healthy carbohydrates that I currently enjoy. Luckily I enjoy legumes and have no problem mashing cannellini beans, adding a bit of lemon juice and thyme and replacing pasta.

For anyone starting their journey into low GI eating, embrace it. The health benefits are enormous, the weight will fall off and you’ll never feel deprived or hungry.


Update: ‘My diagnosis has come back as positive for coeliac disease. Initially I was concerned at the high GI nature of the foods I was eating and finding that hunger pangs were setting in quickly. Thanks to the team at GI Success I obtained a copy of Low GI Gluten Free Living – fantastic. The Pistachio Apple Quinoa Porridge has become a staple in the mornings now. I saw a dietitian as we are required to when initially diagnosed and she pronounced my diet as excellent and that I’m more than getting the 30 g of fibre a day through the porridge, fruit, vegetables, legumes, seeds and nuts.’

‘I couldn’t believe how easy it has been to lose 19 kg.’ – Sue
After spending most of my life overweight and trying every weight loss program there is, I finally found low GI. What a revelation; the program of eating was simple. I enjoyed finding out the GI values of foods and couldn’t believe how easy it has been to lose 19 kg (42 lbs), feel terrific, not be hungry at all and have far more energy than before. I recommend a low GI diet to everyone. My thanks to all you experts for discovering this information for all of us.


Reversing pre-diabetes
GI News ran Karen’s story in January 2008, here’s her good news update.
‘Before beginning the low GI diet a year ago (May 2007), my BGLs were 7.0 mmol/L after the OGTT. After my latest HbA1c test and OGTT, this was non significant at 4.5 mmol/L. This is fantastic and the low GI diet and support of the team have helped significantly to reverse the pre-diabetes for me. Low GI has become my way of life now and I never feel like I am dieting.’ – Karen

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