GI News—April 2009

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  • Sweeten your life with low GI sugar (GI 50)
  • Can cinnamon reduce the blood glucose rise after eating?
  • Lupin – dream ingredient or allergy nightmare? Catherine Saxelby investigates
  • Mythbuster Nicole Senior looks at vegetarian diet health claims
  • Prof Trim checks out how much protein you actually need

Want to feel fuller on fewer calories, cut your appetite, boost your fibre, slash your blood pressure and cholesterol? Then look out for lupin products boasting this line up of health benefits says Catherine Saxelby in Food of the Month. Always on the lookout for the latest food being hyped, she took a closer look at lupin for GI News – the claims, the science-based evidence and the products. There are all our usual features in this issue too, plus two new recipes for you to try.

Good eating, good health and good reading.

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