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Alan Barclay

The GI Symbol Program website has had a complete facelift. Designed to be helpful for consumers, health professionals and the food industry, the site provides clear and simple information on the glycemic index (GI), shopping for healthy low GI foods, the benefits of healthy eating the low GI way, and the steps involved in a food product qualifying to carry the GI Symbol. For GI Symbol Program Licensees, a special Members section provides the evidence base for making nutrition claims about GI, position statements, our nutrient criteria product profiler to make new product development easy, the latest consumer research, and GI Symbol graphics in a variety of popular formats.

The website links to the GI database, GI News and GI testing labs around the world and the search facility enables users to find foods that currently carry the GI Symbol.

Backed by the Glycemic Index Foundation, a collaboration between the University of Sydney, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation of Australia, and Diabetes Australia, the GI Symbol Program leads the way in helping everybody make healthier food choices every day for every meal for their long term health and well being. Manufacturers pay a license fee to use the certified Symbol and the income is channelled back into education and research.

The GI Symbol is a powerful tool for quickly and reliably making healthy food choices when grocery shopping. It’s your guarantee that the GI value stated near the nutrition information label is accurate. Foods with the GI Symbol are healthy in other ways, too. To be approved to carry the GI Symbol, foods must be a good source of carbohydrate and meet a host of other nutrient criteria including energy (Calories/kilojoules), total and saturated fat, sodium (salt), and where appropriate fibre and calcium.

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