GI Update with Alan Barclay and Fiona Atkinson

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GI of cereals and tubers produced in China
‘Most cereals and tubers produced in China have a similar GI with their counterparts produced in other countries.’ says Yue-Xin Yang from the Institute of Nutrition and Food Safety, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention in a study to determine the GI of some cereals and tubers produced in china to establish a database of Chinese food. The study which analysed the GI of 9 types of sugar and 60 kinds of food was published in World Journal of Gastroenterolgy. Some examples include:

Cooked rice GI 83
Brown rice (cooked) GI 87
Sticky rice (cooked) GI 87
Sticky rice (higher amylose) GI 50
Rice porridge GI 69
Sticky rice porridge GI 65
Black rice porridge GI 42
Rice bran porridge GI 19
Rice cake GI 82 Rice cake GI 82
Steamed bread (refined) GI 88
Shallot and meat dumpling GI 28
Shallot and meat steamed stuffed bun GI 39
Buckwheat noodle GI 59
Millet porridge GI 61
WoTao (corn + wheat) GI 65

GI testing by an accredited laboratory
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