GI News—May 2010

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  • Reduce your risk of heart disease with a low GI diet
  • High GI carbs increase women’s heart risk
  • Fruit, veg and the other Big C
  • Can you put a number on a low GI diet?
  • Grapefruit: low GI and heart healthy
  • Do all wholegrains provide the same heart benefits as oats and barley?
  • GI values for traditional Chinese foods including pork buns
  • Shopper’s Guide to GI Values 2010 giveaway

‘The heart is the body’s engine room, nourishing every organ, muscle, nerve and bone with oxygen and nutrient-rich blood,’ says dietitian Nicole Senior in Eat to Beat Cholesterol. ‘So look after your heart and you can spend more time doing the things you enjoy, be able to participate in life with no restrictions, be around to enjoy your children and grand children, and live to see more great places and people.’ As May is Heart Week in Australia (2–8 May) and National Stroke Awareness Month in the US, we are focusing on diet and cardiovascular disease this issue and look at research that shows why being choosy about your carbs can help prevent heart disease and stroke.

Good eating, good health and good reading.

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