GI News—March 2011

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  • Low carb and low GI are not the same
  • Low GI diets do increase satiety
  • Download Pulse Canada’s gluten-free book
  • Low GI porridge for brekkie – new GI values
  • The scoop on nuts with Emma Stirling

The new ‘Half-Your-Plate’ approach in the 2010 American Dietary Guidelines wants to make mealtimes easier by dispensing with measuring and counting your veg and fruit serves a day. Now they suggest people simply fill half the plate with fruits and vegetables at each meal rather than worry what a serving of broccoli or carrots looks like. We’d tweak this and say ‘non-starchy veg’ as the starchy ones like potatoes and sweet potatoes belong in the low GI carb corner with pasta etc. But we think it’s a great idea to tell people to make fruit and veg the focal point of meals, it’s what we have been saying for years. All you have to do now is keep it colourful (think rainbow on your plate), tuck in and enjoy.

Good eating, good health and good reading.

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