GI News—December 2011

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  • Eating fish regularly linked to lower risk of diabetes and heart disease
  • Low GI diet, with or without a change in weight, is good for overall health
  • Holiday cooking with low GI Carisma potatoes
  • Is a day or two of festive overeating harmless?
  • How to lower the GI of your baking
  • Submit a low GI left-overs recipe to OzHarvest for their cookbook

It’s laden table, festive fare time, so this issue we have 7 low GI recipes from colleagues from around the world to share. Our take-home message however, is to remember that food provides more than nourishment and pleasure, it can also ‘build bridges to friendship’. We were reminded of this reading a wonderful new cookbook, Monday Morning Cooking Club, whose authors have raised $230,000 for charity including OzHarvest (see Food for Thought). It’s not a diet book or health book. It’s a book about the real food that real people love to prepare and serve their loved ones and many of the recipes are low GI (the chicken and barley soup is perfect for a wet and wintry night). May you enjoy cooking and sharing good food (low GI of course!) and good times with your family and friends in the month ahead and years to come.

Good eating, good health and good reading.

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