GI News—September 2012

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  • Restoring physical activity into our computer-driven work, school and home environments;
  • Why too much sitting is bad for you;
  • Emma Stirling and the scoop on beetroot;
  • Do spicy foods boost your metabolism?
  • The winning edge: GI and sports performance. Dr Alan Barclay reports;
  • Prof Jennie Brand-Miller on the risk factors for gestational diabetes and what you can do about them.

Although the evidence that too much sitting is hazardous to health is now quite compelling, many of us sit longer than we sleep these days. So, this issue we focus on moving more and more often not necessarily by going to the gym or pounding the pavements, but by restoring physical activity into our computer-driven work, school and home environments. ‘We also need to be more creative in designing and transforming our work and home environments and even our whole communities into spaces where physical activity is not just the easy but perhaps even the only choice,’ says Prof Arya Sharma. We love his suggestion that ‘perhaps, it is time to establish building codes for “active” buildings in the same manner in which we now have building codes for environmental friendliness.’

Good eating, good health and good reading.

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