GI News—March 2013

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  • Jamie’s low GI 15-minute Falafel wraps/grilled veg & salsa;  
  • Take that (glycemic) load off your diet and reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes;  
  • Fat facts and fat fiction – the state of the evidence; 
  • Was ancient man a vegetarian asks Dr Rob Dunn; 
  • The Longevity Project;  
  • The scoop on pearl couscous;  
  • Three low GI recipes to enjoy.

This month sees some interesting studies on the benefits of a vegetarian diet especially for reducing your risk of heart disease and (if pregnant) gestational diabetes. So we asked Prof Jennie Brand-Miller for her tips on going vegetarian the low GI way. There’s also a fascinating research piece on Neanderthals and new evidence about their diet, cooking and use of medicinal plants.

Good cooking, good eating, good health and good reading.

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