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The Low GI Guide to Managing PCOS
Dr Jennie Brand-Miller. Prof Nadir Farid, Kate Marsh

Low GI foods play a vital role in addressing insulin resistance, the underlying cause of polycystic ovarian syndrome. PCOS affects up to one in five women in developed countries, yet only half those with the condition are aware of it. Often difficult to diagnose, the symptoms can include weight gain, difficulty conceiving, mood swings, hirsutism, acne, irregular periods and lack of energy. This new UK edition of The Low GI Guide to Managing PCOS is a practical diet and lifestyle programme. It has been written to help women beat the symptoms of PCOS, take control of their health and wellbeing and improve their insulin sensitivity with advice on switching to a low GI diet including menu plans and delicious recipes, exercise suggestions and information about medication. Endorsed by Verity, the self-help organisation for women whose lives are affected by PCOS (

pcos book
UK edition published by Hodder Mobius
Also available in Australia (Hachette Livre Australia), New Zealand (Hachette Livre New Zealand), and in the USA and Canada (Marlowe & Company).

Empowering People with Diabetes and Pre-diabetes: The Healthy Shopping Tour CD-Rom
Diabetes Australia, New South Wales

‘There are around 20,000 different food items packed high on typical Australian supermarket shelves,’ says dietitian Alan Barclay of Diabetes Australia (NSW). ‘To make food shopping easier and help people with diabetes or trying to prevent diabetes choose foods that are tasty, affordable and healthy, we have created a virtual shopping tour. Before shoppers leave home they can check out products such as breads, breakfast cereals, milk, yoghurt, cheese, oils and snack foods from the convenience of their computer screen,’ he said at the launch in Sydney on 14 July of The Healthy Shopping Tour. The CD-Rom takes the viewer up and down the aisles demystifying manufacturers’ claims explaining how to read labels and what the Nutrition Information Panel and Ingredient List actually mean, and showing how much fat, carbohydrate, sodium and dietary fibre to look for in each food category. There’s a special section on understanding the glycemic index (GI) and how to choose foods with a low GI.

‘It is important to empower people, especially those with diabetes, to make wise food choices,’ said Prof Jennie Brand-Miller speaking at the launch. ‘Putting power firmly in the hands of the person with diabetes helps to improve the management of their condition. Diabetes Australia’s Healthy Shopping Tour is part of a total lifestyle solution. Lifestyle intervention for people with diabetes works when it’s done well and this virtual shopping tour is another tool in the toolbox. And unlike drug interventions, there are no side effects to balanced nutrition choices and low GI foods. In addition,’ she said, ‘total lifestyle solutions hit more than one nail on the head—not just better diabetes control, but also better mental health, lower risk of heart disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, cancer etc.

Although designed for Australian shoppers, the CD-Rom would be useful for people in New Zealand where the regulations for Nutrition Panels and Ingredient Listing are similar. For ‘visitors’ from other countries, it’s still worth taking a look to help demystify manufacturers’ claims and check out how much fat, carbohydrate, sodium and dietary fibre to look for in each food category. For more information visit