GI News—October 2005

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GI News

In This Issue:

  • Waist Not, Want Not.
  • Just a Spoonful of Dressing …
  • From Flab to Fab
  • Is There More to Fibre than Crunch
  • Low Sat Fat + Low GI = Prevention of Heart Disease
  • ‘Cherries, Ripe Cherries’
  • The Versatile Tortilla—Perfect for Wrapping, Scooping and Dipping
  • Conchiglie with Pesto Balsamico
  • What Makes My Blood Glucose Go Up and Down?
  • Why do many high-fibre foods still have a high GI value?
  • I was surprised to find that the American Diabetes Association has taken a position that is not supportive of your research. The comments I read in a Guest Editorial of their Sept 2005 issue of Diabetes Forecast suggest your approach may be more of a fad than a useful tool.
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‘People who eat three or four serves of fruit a day
(particularly apples and oranges)
have the lowest overall GI and the best blood glucose control.’

Jennie Brand-Miller
Jennie Brand-Miller