GI News—December 2005

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GI News

In This Issue:

  • Energy to Burn for the Festive Season
  • Children’s Growth Rate May Predict Future Problems
  • You Can Enjoy a Pre-dinner Drink
  • Potato Salad Anyone?
  • A Matter of Endurance
  • Vegans Lost Weight without Feeling Hungry
  • Snack Bars
  • Pears
  • Garlic Prawns, Red Capsicum and Coriander (Cilantro) Pasta
  • Susie, ‘43, but feeling like 29!’
  • 2006 Shopper’s Guide to GI Values
  • We use a lot sprouted breads and cannot find them in your database or books. Can you give us some information on how or if this affects GI numbers?
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NEW FEATURE—YOUR SUCCESS STORIES: We receive a great deal of feedback from readers and visitors to our website about how a low GI diet has made a real difference to their lives along with some inspiring weight loss and blood glucose control stories. So, this month we are introducing a new feature: ‘Your Success Stories’ to share these stories with you. Each month from now on we will run one ‘success’ story in GI News. The stories will then be archived at for ready reference. If you feel you have a story that will inspire or help others and you are prepared to give permission for it to be published in GI News, please send it to us HERE with your name and a contact email address. We would like to thank Susie for volunteering to be our first contributor.

Your QUESTIONS answered. If you have posted a question in our newsletter, be assured that the GI Group will answer this as soon as possible. We welcome views about our articles and readers’ suggestions.

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‘Aim for at least one smart low GI carb per meal.’

Jennie Brand-Miller
Jennie Brand-Miller