Low GI Food of the Month

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Soy Milk—a Great Way to Include Soy Protein in Your Diet
Once enjoyed mainly by vegetarians, soy milk is the completely dairy- and lactose-free beverage that has become increasingly popular, because it tastes good and is rich in phytoestrogens. Soy milk is usually made by mixing soybeans – which are usually GM/GE free (check the label) – with filtered water and flavourings to produce a milk-like product.

You can buy reduced fat, calcium fortified soy milk GI 36–44 fresh from the chilled dairy cabinet, in long life packs and in powdered forms. You can also buy flavoured products. To ensure it is a suitable alternative to regular dairy milk, soy milk is often enriched with a range of vitamins and minerals including calcium and riboflavin (vitamin B12). Choose a low fat calcium-enriched milk and use it exactly as you would regular milk – on your breakfast cereal, with hot or cold drinks or in your cooking when making desserts and sauces. If you haven’t tried calcium-enriched low fat soy milk before, here are some easy ways to get started.

  • Mix it in with mashed sweet potato, pumpkin or potato; or in a combination of all three vegetables.
  • Try a soy latte or soy banana smoothie or use in other flavoured milk drinks.
  • Use it to make white sauce for lasagne or moussaka.
  • Make dairy desserts with soy milk.

—From Low GI Eating Made Easy (available in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and the US)