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Los Todos Los Carbohidratos Engordan
The Spanish language edition of The New Glucose Revolution is published by Panorama Editorial.

spanish book

The New Glucose Revolution
The Korean language edition of The New Glucose Revolution is published by Aquarius Publishing Co.

korean book

For information on other translated editions visit then select ‘GI Books’ and the appropriate region

Translating GI News and
If you would prefer to read GI News or a page from in a language other than English, there is a very easy way to translate them (or any site for that matter), using a service provided by Altavista called ‘Babel Fish’. Simply head over to and copy and paste a block of text into the first window (up to 150 words), or enter the website address to translate an entire page into the ‘Translate a Web Page’ box. Next, select which language you would like the English text translated to from the drop-down menu. Click the Translate button and Babel Fish will do all the work for you in just a few seconds.

babel fish
Babel Fish homepage, the official website of the glycemic index, just passed the 3-year mark with access to statistics via Extreme Tracking. In all, nearly 3 million hits – about 950,000 individual hits per year. Who visits? Countries providing the most visitors are: USA 44%, Australia 13%, UK 10% and Canada 6%. The site was set up by the University of Sydney to make the GI database of foods tested worldwide according to the standardised in vivo procedure accessible to everyone who needs this information free of charge. There’s no need to subscribe. It provides up-to-date information on the glycemic index and the published GI values of foods tested internationally according to the established procedure along with details about GI testing, the GI symbol program, the most common FAQs and a selection of books on GI published internationally. The site is interactive and the GI Group answers queries.

Glycemic Index homepage