GI News—May 2006

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In This Issue:

  • Food for Thought
    —Eating for Your Eyesight; 8 Tips for Making Your Eyesight Last
  • GI News Briefs
    —Slimmer But Not Healthier; What You Should Know About Low Carb Diets and Ketosis
    —Going with the Grain
    —By Bread Alone
  • GI Values Updates
    —Flour Power
  • Low GI Food of the Month
    —Dining Downunder™ Chef Vic Cherikoff Talks About Wattleseeds
  • Low GI Recipe of the Month
    —Vic Cherikoff’s Sweet Potato and Wattleseed Pudding
  • Success Stories
    —Cliff Shares His Secrets for Maintaining Tight Glycemic Control and Weight Loss
  • Profile
    —Dr Tom Wolever: ‘Research on the GI is very exciting; the more we explore, the more we discover. The health benefits are far-reaching: from diabetes risk reduction and management to long-term cardiovascular health …’
  • Feedback—Your FAQs Answered
    —‘I have been low carbing (not excluding carbs all together, just switching to healthier ones) for over 3 years and have dropped my weight, cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure, etc. I appreciate that you don’t advocate a low carb diet – but where do you draw the line? How much carb is high, medium and low?’

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