GI News—June 2006

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In This Issue:

  • Food for Thought
    —Let’s Do Lunch
  • GI News Briefs
    —Test Is Best
    —A Public Health Time Bomb
    —Teenagers Make Healthy Changes Given the Chance
  • GI Values Updates
    —No Time to Cook? Nestle LEAN Cuisine; Sanitarium Lunch Today
    —What’s the GI of …? A Step-by-Step Guide to the GI Database on
  • Low GI Food of the Month
    —The Antioxidant-rich Orange
  • Low GI Recipe of the Month
    —Citrus Salad with White Wine and Thyme Syrup
  • Success Stories
    —Sue Drops a Dress Size
  • What’s New?
    —Peter Howard’s Delicious Living
    —Revised US edition of What Makes My Blood Glucose Go Up and Down?
  • Feedback—Your FAQs Answered

    1. I’ve read that while fats slow down the body’s response to high GI foods, the body still sees the same level of glucose response from the food, just over a considerably longer period of time (which is perhaps not accounted for when doing GI testing). Is this true?
    2. What about a glossary? I’m familiar with glycemic index, glycemic load, and a few other ‘normal’ GI terms, but when I start reading terms like ‘glycemic response’ or ‘glycemic impact’ I begin to wonder whether I know anything at all.
    3. Are NutraSweet or Splenda considered as being low GI?
    4. Why is there no information about stevia?
    5. I read that people just trying to lose weight or eat more healthily should use GL, but people with insulin resistance (like me) should use GI. Is this true?
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