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Sue Drops a Dress Size
‘Having tried countless diets over the years to lose excess weight, I embarked on a low GI diet after Christmas 2005. Always a ‘foodie’, I not only enjoy nice food but I love to cook. My problem was portion control and my sweet tooth. I decided that low GI seemed a sensible route to continue to enjoy good food, but some re-education was necessary. I desperately wanted to drop several dress sizes and my determination was strong. That’s why I decided against the traditional slimming club (many of which I had tried in the past which only served to make me food obsessed).

I invested in several low GI cookbooks instead to ring the changes and to avoid meal-time boredom setting in, and I enrolled at my local gym. Meal times were interesting and plentiful and I honestly never felt hungry. The first couple of weeks I missed puddings and chocolate but soon kicked the sugar cravings – I now reward myself with an occasional square of dark chocolate and savour and enjoy it. I increased my activity levels steadily. I take a brisk daily walk for 20 minutes or so and I tried various gym classes until I found two which I love and look forward to immensely. No obsessive calorie counting has meant this new regime is not a ‘slimming diet’ but has become my new way of life, my family and I are all much healthier for it. I have lost 1 stone 10 lbs (24 pounds/11 kg) in 4 months with real ease and I am so much happier and more confident. Learning about low GI has changed my life!’

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