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Weight Loss for Food Lovers by Dr George Blair-West

Question: Why is it that over 80% of people who lose weight eventually regain what they lose and often more?
Answer: Because dieting is not about what we eat, it is about why we eat. Diets typically fail to recognise that food is the world’s most addictive substance. Craving food is much more widespread than craving nicotine, alcohol and other substances.


‘It’s not what in your mouth, it’s what’s in your mind’ says George Blair-West. As Director of Psychophysiology at the Obesity Rehabilitation Unit at River City Private Hospital in Brisbane and a weight-loss group psychotherapist, his particular area of interest is helping people maintain long term weight loss. This isn’t another diet book. There’s not a food menu or recipe in sight. Weight Loss for Food Lovers talks about motivation and sabotage, and provides practical strategies to help people maximise their chances of success whatever diet they embark on. When talking about carbs, Blair-West opts for the glycemic load (GL) approach and includes a GL table of foods derived from The New Glucose Revolution (Brand-Miller, Foster-Powell and Colagiuri). But you need the serving size to put the good doctor’s advice into practice. Go to The New Glucose Revolution Shopper’s Guide 2006 or for GI, GL, carbs per serving and the serving size.

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