GI News—March 2007

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In This Issue:

  • Food For Thought
    —Diabetes: 10 ways to reduce your risk
  • GI News Podcast
    —US publisher of The New Glucose Revolution, Matthew Lore, discusses the GI and diabetes
  • GI News Briefs
    —Man’s best friend
    —Turn back the clock
    —15 minutes exercise a day can help ward off diabetes
    —Eat beans, lentils and tofu often
    —Trans fats alternatives now in the firing line
    —Tossing and turning
  • Low GI Food of the Month
    —Eat to beat cholesterol with apples
    —Apples topped with scrunched filo and maple syrup glazed Brazil nuts
  • Low GI Recipes of the Month
    —Tandoori vegetables with cucumber yoghurt
    —Chicken, broccoli and basil red curry stir-fry
  • Success Story
    —‘With my family’s support and humour I control my diabetes.’ – Muthukrishnan
  • What’s New?
    The Diabetes and Pre-diabetes Handbook
  • Feedback—Your FAQs Answered
    1. What’s the GI of farro? I understand it is not the same as spelt.
    2. I have a hankering for the palm or rock sugar Asian desserts of my childhood. Do you think that the mung or adzuki beans in these desserts would lower the GI?
    3. I am breastfeeding a 3-month-old and am trying to get back to eating low GI foods, but sweet potato seems to be causing my baby a lot of wind pain.
  • GI Values Update
    —Weight management snacks and powders
    —Where can I get more information on GI testing?
    —Where can I get more information on the GI Symbol Program?


Digg and help prevent diabetes

Reaching a billion people around the world with the diabetes prevention and care message is the International Diabetes Federation’s goal. Our goal is a little more modest (like our budget). But if you digg our diabetes story in ‘Food for Thought’ this month you can help spread the word by putting diabetes on ‘Digg’s’ front page.


What’s digg? It is a community-based news website. Stories are submitted by users (any one of you), and then promoted to the front page through a user-based ranking system. When a story receives enough “diggs” it is promoted to the front page where it reaches many thousands of people. So digg and help someone turn back the clock. Here’s what you do:

  1. Click on the ‘digg this story’ button at the top of the reducing diabetes risk story.
  2. Register (if you haven’t already) – to make your digg count.

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