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GI News Broadcast: Jennie Brand-Miller talks to Margaret Throsby about diabetes, pre-diabetes, the miracle of a cochlear implant and music.


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The PCOS Project
Ashley Tabeling talked to GI News about this new website for women and girls with PCOS and for health professionals working in this area.

‘When I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2000, I looked for information that would help me manage my symptoms. Like so many women with PCOS, I found there was a lack of reliable resources and support and so I became an advocate, starting in 2000 as the PCOS Chat moderator on About.Com’s Infertility Boards. Shortly after that I created PCOS Pals, the now top PCOS Message Board on Yahoo. I have also volunteered with PCOSA, served as an advisory board member to PCOStrategies, created the online PCOS Awareness Petition and appeared on Discovery Health Channel, TLC, The 10! WCAU Philadelphia, Gloucester County Times, Woman’s World Magazine and PCOS Today Magazine to raise PCOS awareness. Despite all this I knew that something more was needed to provide an ongoing comprehensive resource online for women and girls with PCOS and for PCOS health professionals – hence Project PCOS. Working with a team of PCOS community advocates, we have created a website that we believe delivers reliable and up-to-date information, and gives women and girls with PCOS some of the tools that will help them take control of their lives.’

Click and check out the site

Everybody’s Different
A positive approach to teaching about health, puberty, body image, nutrition, self-esteem and obesity prevention
By Dr Jenny O’Dea ACER Press 2007
978-0-86431-773-5 $59.95

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Overall body dissatisfaction in young people has increased dramatically in the last few decades, with a heightened prevalence of dieting, eating disorders, obsessive exercise and steroid abuse. Everybody’s Different sets out how anyone working with young people can apply a proven self-esteem approach in schools, community settings and clinical situations to improve body image conceptions, prevent eating disorders and obesity, and foster health, nutrition and physical activity in young people.

Dr Jenny O’Dea is a dietitian, health and nutrition education researcher and Associate Professor in the Faculty of Education and Social Work at the University of Sydney.