GI News—April 2007

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Food for Thought is gestational diabetes, prompted by dietitian Kaye Foster-Powell mentioning recently that she had seen nine new patients with gestational diabetes that week, whereas a couple of years ago she might only see one or two in a week. The same day, we opened our Success Stories mailbox and read about how Claire and Rachel coped with gestational diabetes, and how the diet and lifestyle changes they made has completely changed the way they feed their families. ‘A real wake up call’ says Rachel. But the news lots of you have been waiting for is about spuds. SUGiRS manager Fiona Atkinson has just tested a lower GI potato and you can read all about it in New Values. For those of you who like to listen, tune into Jennie’s interview with Margaret Throsby in What’s New where she talks about diabetes, pre-diabetes and the miracle of her cochlear implant. It’s inspirational.


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