Move it and Lose it!

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Glenn Cardwell’s tip for blokes
If you see home exercise machinery advertised suggesting it will make you look like the 25-year-old body builder in the advert, be thankful you aren’t foolish enough to give them your credit card details. For more information see Gold Medal Nutrition.

Glen Cardwell

Exercise goals for May
Fitness expert Joanna McMillan Price says aim to walk at a steady, comfortable pace for 20 minutes on four days every week. Plus complete two resistance exercises – squats (see April GI News) and single leg extensions (see below) on three days.

Joanna McMillan-Price

Single leg extensions

One of the most important groups of muscles for you to exercise are those involved in posture and back support. By working this group of muscles you develop core strength that will immediately improve your posture, reduce the risk of back pain and strengthen you from the inside out.

  1. Lie flat on your back on the floor with your knees bent in towards your chest, and arms by your sides with hands flat to the floor.
  2. Pull in your belly as if trying to shorten the distance between your navel and spine—it should feel as if you are bracing the abdominal wall. Extend one leg out parallel to the floor while keeping the abdominals braced.
  3. Bring the leg back in and repeat on the other side.

Remember: Breathe normally (it’s easy to hold your breath subconsciously during this exercise).

How many: 20 (10 on each leg).

– Source: The Low GI Diet and The Low GI Diet Revolution.