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Eating the Greek Way
by Fedon Alexander Lindberg, M.D.
Clarkson Potter Publishers


Fedon Lindberg returns to his Greek roots in this colourful cookbook. The recipes are packed with traditional Mediterranean diet ingredients – legumes, fruits, vegetables, lean protein especially fish, nuts and seeds and grains. The desserts look delicious, but rather than sugar, the author sweetens them with fructose as it has a very low GI – 19. If you are not a fan of fructose (and we know some of our readers aren’t) you can substitute with table sugar, but remember it’s not quite as sweet as fructose so you may need to use a little more. Taste as you go to achieve the right level of sweetness.

Live a Longer Life
By Sophie Scott
ABC Books


Most of us want to know what we need to do live a longer, healthier life, but with the wealth of (sometimes contradictory) information out there, where do you start. Well, Sophie Scott’s readable book provides a comprehensive guide to the very latest scientific research on healthy ageing for a full and satisfying life along with some practical steps including an Anti-Ageing Food Plan (with low GI options of course), and a Sweat, Strengthen and Stretch exercise plan.