GI News—August 2007

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Just back from the American Diabetes Association meeting in Chicago, we have to say we could feel a bit despondent at the number of health professionals, especially dietitians, who like to trumpet their belief that the glycemic index doesn’t work or that it’s too complicated for ordinary people or too hard to understand. And perhaps it is for them. But, sometimes we wonder if this is a genuinely informed position based on research and experience or simply an entrenched one. What immediately cheers us however, are your stories, letters and posts on GI News – the ones where you tell us that when diagnosed with diabetes you took responsibility for making the necessary lifestyle changes into your own hands, checked out the internet, discovered the GI and gave it a go. You make our day when you tell us how making the switch to low GI foods within an overall balanced diet (plus a bit more exercise), has transformed your health, your life and your blood glucose levels. And often in remarkably quick time too as you’ll read in Karen’s, Louisa’s and Toma’s ‘Success Stories’. Cinnamon is back in the news with a study on how eating around 6 grams at a sitting can help with blood glucose levels. To make sure you don’t go barking up the wrong tree we ran a background check in ‘Food of the Month’. Of course there are all our regular features too: the latest research, low GI recipes, new GI values for Yakult and your questions answered plus 10 tips to help you eat to beat stroke from dietitian Nicole Senior.

Enjoy August GI News.


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