GI News—July 2007

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How do you follow a low GI diet if the foods in your supermarket haven’t been GI tested? Johanna Burani shares her low GI eating tips that will help you lose weight, and reduce your risk of diabetes and heart disease without worrying about numbers. We are often asked why websites like Montignac’s have different GI numbers from the database at We followed up a question from a reader about the GI of beer and did some sleuthing. Read all about it in New GI Values. There are two special offers this month. First, copies of the ‘New Glucose Revolution’ DVD are available for GI News readers at a special price. And if you live in the US or Canada, there’s a giveaway of 6 copies of The New Glucose Revolution for Diabetes and also 6 copies of The Diabetes and Pre-diabetes Handbook for Australian residents.

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