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‘I have shared this website with my patients and the results have been amazing’ – family doctor from Canada
‘When I first encountered the concept of glycemic index, I was very curious. The rigorous testing and evidence presented on this site along with the information has impressed and convinced me of its validity. I have shared this website and the information with several of my patients and the results have been amazing. In my 16 years of practice, this has been the most immediate benefit that has come from half an hour of discussion with a patient who is struggling with obesity, polycystic ovarian disease or diabetes. My patients have returned with reports of having increasing energy, better sleep, no further cravings for sugar, improved mood and weight loss averaging 3-4 pounds a week. They are naturally moving towards increasing their activity level as they gain more energy.

  • “I feel alive for the first time in years and my depression/anxiety symptoms are getting less” was a recent testimonial from a patient.
  • “I have gone from a size 14 to a size 10 in four months, look at what my oversize bosom now looks like. I want the last eight years of my life back” was another recent comment from a patient.

I believe that a low GI/GL diet as an adjunct and when appropriate as an alternative to pharmaceutical management is leading patients towards managing diabetes like never before.’


‘My dietitian said I should be the poster child for the low GI diet’ – Carol from Colorado
‘I just came from a visit with my dietitian. I got a positive report. My A1c is at 6.7 and over all cholesterol is down from 195 to 161. Tryglerides 116 – down from 161; LDL 117 – down from 133. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in July 2006, after a stroke. At 198 lb, and with a clotting disorder that is treated by coumadin therapy, it was a big adjustment for me to regulate my diet to accommodate both the glyberide and the coumadin. The up side to that is that I had changed my diet so drastically that I no longer needed the pill. I had lost 20 lb in the first 10 days. I continued to stay away from coffee, sugar (refined) or any processed food. I could not eat artificial sweeteners due to a history of seizures.

It was difficult to prepare my own meals. I received pointers from my dietitian and the general ADA stuff, but my daughter-in-law had done some low GI dieting and she pointed me in the right direction. So with some divine intervention about which foods to prepare, I was able to prepare and freeze meals for myself on the weekends. With my husband’s help, we prepared lunches that consisted of chicken (without hormones or antibiotics), green beans, great northern beans, brown rice, and I would finish off with a serving of peaches. For dinner it was chicken again with a baked russet potato (1/3 cup) and a pat of butter, peas, baby carrots and a plum. I would have a morning snack of cantaloupe with strawberries and a cheese stick and in the afternoon a few grapes or grapes and sweet cherries and a cheese stick. My breakfast consisted of shredded wheat, a boiled egg, 1/2 banana and a cup of milk.

After recommending the low GI Revolution books by Brand-Miller et al my dietitian saw me and remarked how well I had done. She said I should be the poster child for the low GI diet because with my evening snack, of plain yoghurt , strawberries and almonds I have incorporated six small frequent meals into my day. Oh, and I changed my breakfast to rolled oats with stevia. And in doing so I have dropped 58 lb and my body mass index (BMI) has gone from 35 to 25. I am no longer considered obese, and I am only 1 point away from a normal BMI). Only 5 more pounds!

Now with other tools, such as Dr Brand-Miller’s books, cookbooks and this website, I have many other options and I believe that it will get easier to add variety to my diet and help keep me on a healthy track. My next objective is to add some green leafy salad to my daily evening meal to help round out my diet. I will also take a multi-vitamin supplement. The trick is incorporating these into the coumadin regime. I am waiting for Dr Brand-Miller’s book entitled: Coumadin Therapy and the New Glucose Revolution (or How to balance your diet while maintaining glucose levels, weight, wellness, and vitamin K).’

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