Your Success Stories

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‘This is a whole new way of looking at my world of food.’ – Brittany
‘I am 15, pre-diabetic, and extremely overweight – 5’4″ tall and 270 pounds. I have battled bloating and extreme stomach gas (which can sometimes cause me great embarrassment). My mother, my grandmother and I have tried several diet and exercise plans to help us lose weight. Although, all three of us could easily lose pounds at the beginning of every diet we tried, none of us ever stuck with the diets more than 3 months. My mother and I read about the glycemic index and how it can affect your feelings of hunger and your food cravings. After making adjustments in the kinds of foods we were eating and using the glycemic index to help plan our meals, I can already see a difference. When I compare the low GI diet with the others I have tried, it is easy to see that I no longer feel hungry all the time. The bloated feeling is gone and so is the gas – thank goodness! I have already started losing weight, between 2 and 3 pounds a week, and I am NOT CONSTANTLY THINKING about food. I think this time I will be able to keep losing weight. This is a whole new way of looking at my world of food. By the way, my mother is losing weight right along with me. My grandmother is beginning to think there really is something about this ‘diet’ that works and has decided to join us!’


‘I couldn’t believe that I was losing weight by eating.’ – Karen
‘I would like to say thank you to the whole GI team. I have been a yo-yo dieter for 20 years and have gradually gained more and more weight. I began to do a “no no” that is not eat, thinking that this would help me to lose weight. This only led to pre-diabetes and gaining much much more weight. I tried every diet and exercise regime only to keep gaining weight. It wasn’t until I began to get low blood glucose levels and often felt like I was going to pass out did I see my doctor. But he didn’t help, he just said to “keep dieting”. So I persisted for the sake of my hubby and my children 42 is too young to be on the road to diabetes and heart disease. My family need their wife and mum. Then I had had enough and went to a different GP who told me about the GI team and the low GI diet. I was amazed to discover that within a week of beginning the diet (plus some gentle exercise), I began shedding the kilos. Moreover, my blood glucose levels were normalising finally after ten years.


I began the diet in May 2007 and have lost 10.5 kilos in seven months with “eating”. Sorry but this is simply amazing! With the continual support from the website and the wonderful recipes, it makes the process so much easier. I no longer think I am on a diet so to speak but eating the “Low GI way”. I have gone from possibly only eating one meal a day if I was lucky to eating three meals and three snacks a day. From being so unhealthy on the road to diabetes and other associated heart and circulatory diseases to being healthy with normal blood sugar levels and so much energy. I owe this all to the GI team and I thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart as I couldn’t have done it without you.’

‘I feel better and happier and I don’t even crave sugar anymore.’ – Dalila
‘My journey with GI began October 2006 when my doctor sent me to a lipid clinic doctor to get control of my rising cholesterol levels. The first thing she did was ask me the entire family medical history going back to my grandparents. One side of my family is full of diabetes. When the doctor told me that according to my weight and my gestational diabetes, I was headed straight for adult onset diabetes and soon, I was shocked and depressed. I was told I needed to lose 22 pounds and that changing my eating habits to the GI way plus regular vigorous exercise would get me there. I promptly went home and studied everything I could find on GI. I lost 2 to 5 pounds a month, on and off, and now that I have been at it for a year, I have finally lost the 22 pounds and I can’t wait to show my doctor! Now that I am used to eating this way, my headaches have disappeared, my energy is way up, I feel better and happier and I don’t even crave sugar anymore. I actually don’t like the flavour of really sweet foods anymore, which surprised me most of all. The secret for me was to make sure my food was really flavourful, using lots of garlic, ginger, delicious marinades my Portuguese mother taught me to use and using butter and olive oil to enhance flavour. If my GI food choices tasted delicious, then I didn’t feel like I was being deprived. It worked for me and I am delighted!’

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