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Now it’s the ‘global warming diet’
Joining two bandwagons – dieting and climate change – US experts have come up with a caravan. They call it the ‘global warming diet’, because not only does it decrease fat on an individual’s body, it decreases carbon emissions into the atmosphere. How does it manage both feats? By increasing personal energy expenditure (e.g. through more walking), and decreasing carbon emissions from the energy of non-renewable fossil fuels (e.g. from less driving of cars).

In a typical atmosphere of global megalomania, said experts believe such a brilliant, revolutionary idea could come only from the US, thus ignoring the Professor’s earlier forays into this area in the Australian Medical Journal (August 2007). Still, in the words of Oscar Wilde, “tis better to be mimicked than shunned” (or something like that).

The proposal? Get out of your car and walk, or ride a bike for half an hour a day instead of driving. The average person walking an extra half an hour a day would lose about 6 kg a year and burn around 100 litres less fuel, or 230 kg of carbon (e.g. around 12% of the current annual Australian emission per person). And while you’re at it, eat less processed, high energy-dense food, which takes a lot of carbon creating energy to manufacture.

If you’re also kind to each other, eat your vegetables and get to bed early, the world would be a much nicer place!

Dr Garry Egger aka Prof Trim

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