GI News—June 2008

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  • The pros and cons of juices and juicing
  • Prof. David Jenkins’s Eco-Atkins diet
  • Gestational diabetes and a low GI diet
  • Should people over 50 eat more protein?
  • Do we get all the vitamin D we need from the sun?
  • Low GI carbs benefit young people with type 1 diabetes

In a recent op-ed New York Times piece, Sandra Aamodt and Sam Wang wrote about fears of a recession that may lead American families to loosen their belts literally. They make the interesting point that reining in spending in the short term, may actually cause us to be more relaxed about other things. What’s the connection? Sandra Aamodt shared the original research on this with GI News which explains the crucial role glucose plays in self control and why exerting willpower in one direction (such as cutting back on spending) often leads to backsliding in another (watching what you eat). Read all about it in Food for Thought. As ever in GI News there are all our usual features including recipes, success stories and our regular columns with Dr David and Prof Trim.

Good eating, good health and good reading.

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