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‘Help! I’m losing off the arms and shoulders, but it doesn’t seem to be coming off the waist.’ – Jim
Fat cells on the male upper body are all similar i.e. they’re large and lipolytic meaning that they give up their fat as energy easily. The waist, for most men, is where they store reserves of fat last – it’s a good, readily accessible store which can be accessed easily in hard times, such as famine.

But this doesn’t mean fat isn’t also stored elsewhere. It’s a bit like blowing up a multi-shaped balloon. Different balloons pop out in different places when you blow. But ultimately all will expand totally if you blow hard enough. Because men typically store fat on the waist last, this tends to be the first place it comes off. But in some cases there will be losses off the arms, chin, chest etc., as well as the waist (usually there will be a corresponding decrease in waist). The idea is to keep at it. Eventually it will come off the waist as well.

If you need to lose weight, here’s a tip you won’t find in the women’s mags: Weight loss is not a linear process. You’re unlikely to lose a steady 1 or 2 kilograms per week until you get down to where you want to be. This is because weight loss is a dynamic process. Change one thing (e.g. food or exercise), and the body changes other things (e.g. metabolism, the rate at which you burn energy, etc.) to make sure that you don’t disappear.

Dr Garry Egger aka Prof Trim

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