GI News—November 2008

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  • GI values for over 2,480 foods in the 2008 International tables of glycemic index
  • Prof Trim: ‘The real issue is not if you are fat, but where the fat’s gone.’
  • ‘It’s not how much fat you eat, it’s the type that counts,’ says Nicole Senior
  • ‘The GI can be a great friend and tool to anyone battling weight and carb cravings.’ – Stephanie’s success story
  • Kate’s delicious low GI, dollar-saving Carrot, Ginger & Cannellini Bean Soup

‘Any changes aimed at reducing weight without a complete lifestyle “makeover” package are doomed to failure in the long term,’ says Prof Trim in Food for Thought. ‘It’s the whole kit and caboodle you need – good sleep, low stress, non-smoking, good diet and plenty of exercise.’ In News Briefs, we cover the key findings from the 2008 International tables of glycemic index and Fiona Atkinson summarises the average GI values of more than 60 common carb-containing foods in the Latest GI Values to help you put the lower GI choices into your shopping trolley and on your plate.

Good eating, good health and good reading.

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