Curly Questions

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I have been diagnosed with insulin resistance. My dietitian told me that it is important to eat within one hour of waking otherwise the body starts to use muscle instead of fat.
Here’s what Dr Joanna McMillan Price says about breakfast and the body using muscle instead of fat. ‘The body only starts to break down muscle for fuel when stored carbohydrates (in the form of glycogen) are low and immediate energy is needed faster than body fat can be broken down. This isn’t going to happen within one hour of waking, unless you are exercising on low carb stores. However we do agree wholeheartedly that breakfast is a good idea, and that the meal you choose should be low GI as this impacts on your whole day. Set yourself up with a low GI wholesome breakfast and you will eat less for the rest of the day, avoid a mid-morning slump in blood sugars that can lead to a sweet craving or pick-me-up and you need to produce less insulin to process the meal. This will all help you to burn body fat and reduce your insulin resistance. Finally the most important things you can do to avoid breaking down muscle is eat carbs, just the right ones (ie low GI) and exercise – if you don’t use muscle you lose it.’


I am 53 year and have always been healthy and active (aerobics and all). At my last physical I was told my blood glucose was 108 – pre-diabetic. I completely changed my diet – read about the GI and only have dessert once a week now. I was eating a lot of sugar! Is it realistic to think I can reduce this number through my diet?
‘I’d recommend you give it a go,’ says Kaye Foster-Powell. ‘You have nothing to lose after all and there’s a chance (about one in three) that your blood glucose level could return to normal. Maintain your aerobic activity if you can and incorporate some strengthening/resistance exercise about three times a week to enhance your insulin sensitivity. Put your all into eating a low GI diet, but keep in mind that this doesn’t mean cutting out sugar. Fruit and low fat dairy-based desserts could be a healthy inclusion.’

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