GI News—January 2010

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  • Fat burning is free
  • How low GI diets work for weightloss
  • Easy ways to renovate your recipes
  • Shaping up with strength training
  • GI values for lactose and casein free Almond Breeze beverages
  • Does celery take more calories to digest than it contains?

In this issue of GI News, we shine the spotlight on fat burning — what you need to know about burning excess amounts of it. ‘Fat burning is free,’ says dietitian Glenn Cardwell in Food for Thought. It just requires change and a lot of hard work.’ In Food of the Month and in the GI News Kitchen, we show you how to renovate your recipes with healthier and lower fat options and Dr Joanna McMillan Price in Body Work explains why strength training is arguably the best means we have of really changing the shape of our bodies and keeping us looking younger by maintaining a strong posture and frame.

Good eating, good health and good reading.

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