GI News—February 2010

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  • Better breads for blood glucose
  • How to pick a low GI bread
  • Why ‘wholegrain’ and ‘low GI’ are not the same
  • Does gluten cause your symptoms?
  • Does sugar make kids hyper? Nicole Senior investigates
  • Coffee, tea and diabetes risk: what you need to know

A simple ‘this for that’ swap is all it takes to reduce the GI of your diet. Because it’s the type of bread (and breakfast cereal) you eat that can affect the overall GI of your diet the most, we give you some key tips for swapping those high GI breads with low ones that will steadily trickle fuel into your engine in Food for Thought. In GI Update Prof Jennie Brand-Miller explains why wholegrain and low GI are not the same. And a big thank you to Hachette Australia for supplying photographs for this issue from the Low GI Family Cookbook, The Low GI Vegetarian Cookbook and The Low GI Diet.

Good eating, good health and good reading.

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