GI News—January 2011

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  • Catherine Saxelby checks out cooking with the new low GI Carisma potatoes
  • Should you avoid carbs after 5pm to lose weight? Nicole senior investigates
  • Why eating well is not just about weight control – Dr Joanna McMillan Price
  • 3 low GI fish recipes to try
  • Is honey better than sugar from the perspective of blood glucose?Until recently most people had few problems deciding what to eat. There wasn’t much choice so they simply ate what was available locally – and put in front of them. Today we are bombarded with so many messages about what we should or shouldn’t eat, it’s no wonder we are confused. In this issue we feature an extract from nutritionist Dr Joanna McMillan Price’s award-winning book Inner Health, Outer Beauty on how what we eat and drink affects the way we look and feel and ultimately how healthy we are. She makes the point that yes, plenty of other factors are involved like genes and environment, but since we don’t have too much control over those, she suggests we exercise it where we can – on our food choices.

    Good eating, good health and good reading.

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