GI News—May 2011

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  • Jennie Brand-Miller on why gestational diabetes numbers are doubling
  • Child obesity – from the get-go, it’s Mum and Dad who can make a difference
  • The Australian paradox: sugar consumption down while overweight and obesity increase
  • Nicole Senior debunks the ‘people with diabetes shouldn’t eat sugar’ myth
  • Emma Stirling on why lollies and candy are OK for treats (as part of a healthy diet)
  • Would an insulin index of foods be more useful than GI values?
  • 4 delicious recipes for Mother’s Day – low GI potato salad with lemon yoghurt dressing, pasta shells with pinto beans, gluten-free mandarin almond cake and Antony Worrall Thompson’s aromatic tomato tart

As the second Sunday in May is Mother’s Day in many countries around the world, we thought we would feature stories that highlight why Mum’s diet really matters right from the get-go. Prof Jennie Brand-Miller reports on new guidelines for diagnosing gestational diabetes and what the benefits will be for Mums and babies; scientists from the UK, NZ and Singapore reveal a new link between a mother’s pregnancy diet and her offspring’s chances of obesity; and the findings of the 2-year HIKCUPS study shows that the best way to help overweight and obese kids is to target Mum and Dad and give them good quality advice and support to improve the whole family’s food habits.

Good eating, good health and good reading.

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